Poultry health issues

See my page on vaccination of the small flock.

I use Frontline large dog spot on for mite control after every show or fair, on any new bird while in isolation, and on everyone if I find mites on any bird.  The dose I use is 0.1cc per bantam, 0.05cc for a small serama, and 0.3cc for a large fowl.  I also deworm Spring and Fall with ivermectin/panacur tablets.  None of these are approved for use in Poultry and egg withdrawal times are unknown.

Masking tape “snowshoes”  helped this chick when it hatched with curled toes.


But culling defective chicks is a task all poultry breeders have to perform, however reluctantly.

This lovely hen went from this:

To this

when she was left in a pen with a bunch of non-crested hens, who picked her nearly to death.  Your birds deserve your protection and watchfulness.  Crests should be taped or birds moved at the first signs of cannibalism

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